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Quick Baseball

The fastest sport on the diamond!

Quick Baseball
Quick Baseball? Fast, active fun!

Slug tape-measure home runs, make diving catches and bat more times in an inning than most kids do in an entire game! Welcome to “Quick Baseball” — America’s National Fastime. Presented by the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, Quick Baseball features high-speed action and highlight reel plays in a very “low-stress” environment. And best of all anyone can succeed — regardless of age or skill level! So grab your cap and get ready to run, throw, hit and catch at warp speed. Quick Baseball is the fastest sport on the diamond!

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What Quick Baseball teaches...

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Team Fundamentals

Quick Baseball emphasizes teamwork in the field and at the plate. Players learn the value of working together and also gain a better understanding of how effective teamwork creates group success. By moving quickly when at bat and backing up teammates in the field, players actually improve their team scores!


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If you don't move quickly, your team suffers. It's as simple as that. By turning our national pastime into fastime, Quick Baseball creates up-tempo game play and generates non-stop player movement. Every batter sprints a single, double, triple and home run in every game (the cumulative length of two football fields!) and fielders stay active by rotating positions and handling specific fielding assignments.

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With today's kids getting involved in sports programs earlier than ever, it's easy for them to become bored and uninterested when games are slow and stagnant. Quick Baseball solves that problem through the use of revolutionary concepts such as rapid rotation, two-way scoring and timed team at bats. These concepts teach the game in a whole new way!

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There's no reason to participate in a youth sports program if you're not having fun. And in Quick Baseball, fun is priority one. Kids of all skill levels contribute and the focus of every game is enjoyment - for the players and their parents!