Ripken Quickball

Quick T-Ball - Better Baseball for Beginners

A warm-up program for T-Ball /Coach-Pitch

Quick T-Ball batter“Where’s first base? What’s a batter’s box? What’s the best way to throw the ball?” Welcome to T-Ball. Those questions and a whole lot more are asked every season by anxious youngsters who are often on the field for the first time. As a parent, you watch nervously hoping your child will “get it” before the season gets underway. After all, you want them to have fun, not to be bored and frustrated.

“Stress-free” play focuses on instruction & fun

Quick T-Ball batterQuick T-Ball™ can help. Focusing on the basics in a fun, entertaining way, Quick T-Ball teaches beginners baseball skills in a stress-free environment. Highly-skilled instructors carefully walk them through the four bases of the program - Fundamentals, Fitness, Fast and Fun. Every child contributes, exercises and gains knowledge about the diamond that will help them when the call goes out to “Play Ball” next season!

What Quick T-Ball teaches...

Quick T-ball batter


Putting the “fun” in fundamentals. That may be the best way to describe Quick T-Ball, a new national youth sports program created for children who are just beginning to explore the games of baseball and softball. Quick T-Ball uses qualified instructors who specialize in teaching those games in an exciting, physically-active way.


Quick T-ball batter


Quick T-Ball literally turns our national pastime into fastime! Up-tempo game play generates non-stop player movement and keeps everyone on their toes. Every batter sprints a single, double, triple and home run in every game (the cumulative length of two football fields!) and fielders stay active by rotating positions and handling specific fielding assignments.

Quick T-ball batter


With today’s kids getting involved in sports programs earlier than ever, it’s easy for them to become bored and uninterested when games are slow and stagnant. Quick T-Ball solves that problem through the use of revolutionary concepts such as rapid rotation, two-way scoring and timed team at bats. These concepts teach the game in a whole new way!

Quick T-ball batter


There’s no reason to participate in a youth sports program if you’re not having fun. And in Quick T-Ball, fun is priority one. Kids of all skill levels contribute and the focus of every game is enjoyment - for the players and their parents!