Ripken Quickball

What is Quickball?

Whether you’re playing in PE Class, in an After-School Program, in a Youth League, Quickball is a truly revolutionary national sports program designed to make baseball and softball more exciting and active to play.

Quickball teaches all diamond skills in a more active, engaging way. Anyone can play and teamwork is emphasized on all levels. Each player gets to try for a single, double, triple and home run in every game! There’s also scoring on both offense and defense and anyone can succeed regardless of skill level.

Girl BattingWhat makes Quickball such a successful program is its inclusiveness and action-packed game structure. It teaches and strengthens baseball/softball skills by offering multiple hitting, fielding and throwing chances for all players during each game. Innovative concepts such as timed team at bats, rapid batter rotation and two-way scoring keep games moving and get every- one involved - critical elements in grabbing the attention of today’s kids.

As an organization, USA Quickball has spent the past 10 years working with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, USA Baseball, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and MLB Fanfest to invigorate baseball and softball interest at the grass roots level. Along the way, Quickball has grown from one startup league in North Carolina to more than 500 youth and collegiate programs across the country.

Cal pitching Boy Running

Girl BattingAs a whole, Quickball is a fun-filled, exciting way to make kids active and successful on the diamond!

America's National Fastime!